Workers Receiving Covid Vaccine at American Airlines in Tulsa – KRMG 102.3

Thousands of employees at American Airlines’ maintenance base in Tulsa are given a Covid-19 vaccine at work if needed.

The state has allocated a series of shots just for the grassroots.

American Airlines employee Jerry Snider got his.

He hopes this will help bring the aviation industry back to normal.

“I think at some point I heard that we are still flying at around 55 percent. I’m really looking forward to getting back to normal and I think the vaccination would be a good step in the right direction, ”said Snider.

The vaccine isn’t mandatory, but the base’s director Ed Sangricco said the turnout has been high so far.

He says that so far they have been able to provide a vaccine to any worker who wants one.

He points out that even though they used social distancing and masks, the maintenance base must otherwise continue to operate normally if planes are to keep flying.

“You can’t take any of this work home with you,” Sangricco said.

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