We’ve compiled a list of iconic foods in Tulsa – do you agree? | Eating & Cooking

Burn Co. BBQ, 1738 S. Boston Ave., 500 S. Riverwalk Crossing, Jenks, Kains Ballroom, 423 N. Main St.

Just ask the legions of fans who line up for Burn Co. BBQ. This place is real. It may be a relative newcomer to the list since it opened in 2011, but it deserves its place on our list with a grill that has gained national recognition and a bacon macaroni and cheese that must be eaten to be believed .

In 2015, celebrity chef Alton Brown ate at Burn Co., calling it one of the best grilled dishes he had in the area. Founder Adam Myers’ pork butt recipe is featured in Matt Moore’s The South’s Best Butts.

Everything at Burn Co. is made on a Hasty Bake Grill.

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