Update: Mayor Orders Tulsa Restaurants To Close Bars Tonight; Drive-through and take-out facilities may operate Local news

Bynum says three city employees are being monitored for possible exposure to the virus. This includes a firefighter, a police officer and an employee of the water and sewage department.

“They (at the Tulsa Health Department) quarantined these city workers very quickly and then our team in the city followed CDC guidelines to clean up and sanitize the room they were in,” the mayor said . “I feel good where we are.

“But we go ahead with the expectation that there will be more city workers, especially first responders, who will come into contact with people as this spreads.”

Sheriff Vic Regalado, whose office runs the Tulsa County Jail, said he was holding his breath. The prison, which he described as a “cruise ship with sick people,” has yet to have an inmate showing symptoms of COVID-19, he said.

“That’s why we take this very seriously, not only for the health and safety of their (inmates), but also for our employees and of course for the public,” said the sheriff.

Regalado said the prison has suspended personal visits but will allow inmates video access. The prison has also added questions to its admissions questionnaire designed to determine if an inmate has been exposed to the virus.

Bynum was asked after Monday’s press conference if he believed the city’s health system was up to the growing crisis. The mayor noted that doctors and hospitals in Tulsa serve people from across northeast Oklahoma.

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