Two lifeless in a hearth at East Tulsa Church that was destroyed by one other hearth in July, Native Information

Jason Thornton, a pastor with Memorial Drive Church of Christ, said a mattress was dragged into the area where the two were found and that “the assumption is that they slept in the fire-lashed building”.

The church issued a statement saying the congregation was “broken by reports that two people found in our building had died”.

“We offer our heartfelt condolences and prayers to their families, friends and acquaintances. We also thank the first responders who responded to the fire and bravely stormed in to try to save these two lives.

The Church’s statement goes on: “We do not know the cause of today’s fire, which is still being investigated.

“Since the first fire in July, the building has remained unsafe for any occupation or use and has been sealed and fenced in with appropriate warning signs displayed.

“While we understand that many in our community need and seek shelter, especially at this time of year, we urge everyone to heed the warnings and stay out of the building for their own safety.”

Since the fire in July, the Memorial Drive Church of Christ congregation has been meeting in the building of the former East Side Christian Church, 1438 S. Indianapolis Ave., which merged with the Forest Park Christian Church.

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