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Six of Tulsa’s best chefs from some of the hottest restaurants and venues will show off their skills at Tulsa World’s Taste of the City Cooking Show, which takes place on Thursday, November 1st, from 4pm to 9pm in the River Spirit Casino Ballroom Resort, 8330, takes place on Riverside Parkway.

The chefs take turns giving live cooking demonstrations, and guests at VIP tables can sample all of the “Day of the Dead”-themed dishes in honor of the November 1st event.

In addition to being talented, the participating chefs are a fun group and we can’t wait to see their demonstrations.

Some of their restaurants are new and this will be a great place to try their food. Brian Green, Head Chef at Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co., which opened September 13, and Nico Albert, Chef at Duet, which opened last month, will both be in attendance.

And Kirk Swaby, head chef at another exciting new venue, Gathering Place, will also be holding a demonstration.

Gourmets may already know Trevor Tack, the head chef at McNellie’s Group’s restaurants, which include The Tavern, Yokozuna, Dilly Deli and of course the group’s namesake, McNellie’s. He worked in some of Tulsa’s best restaurants before joining McNellie’s Group.

As for Tulsa’s top restaurants, we’re also delighted to have Miranda Kaiser, Head Chef at Cosmo Cafe and Laffa Medi-Eastern Bar & Restaurant, and Zach Curren, Head Chef at Trenchers Delicatessen, at Taste of the City this year.

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