Tulsa World Editorial: It has been a bumpy trip, however the metropolis is able to begin work on a brand new BMX headquarters within the US

Racers take part in exhibition races during the BMX Grands Nationals in Expo Square on Saturday 25 November 2017. Tulsa World File

Tulsa World File

Construction of the new USA BMX headquarters, the national home for motorcycle motocross racing, begins Friday on the former Evans-Fintube property north of downtown.

Like a motocross track, the way to this point was full of ups and downs.

In 2016, Tulsa voters approved Vision Tulsa’s sales tax package, which included $ 15 million to build the BMX facility that was then slated for the county’s fairgrounds.

However, a beverage rights issue (Expo Square has an exclusive deal with Coca-Cola that BMX couldn’t live with) ruined that plan.

Finding a new location delayed the project and the cost rose to $ 22.8 million. The city has matched funding with funds from the Vision Tulsa Funding for Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, the City’s Economic Development Infrastructure Fund, money from the Tulsa Parking Authority, and aid from the Hardesty Family Foundation.

For this we will receive a BMX track in Olympic quality with 2,000 seats as well as a headquarters and a Hall of Fame for USA BMX, which should be completed by 2021. The bike group pays rent starting at $ 66,000 a year for 30 years under one handle of the city. About $ 13,300 of this – roughly the same as the annual property tax on the property if it weren’t for the city-owned property – goes to Tulsa Public Schools. The rent and the TPS share will increase by 1% per year.

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