Tulsa World Editorial: Anti-Masks Laws Deserves Conviction of Heads of State Editorial

Instead of resetting local mask mandates, the state should implement one from border to border. The science on this is clear. A nationwide mask mandate would save lives, prevent disease, grow the economy faster, and accelerate the return of a day when masks are not needed in public places.

Governor Kevin Stitt should declare a nationwide mask mandate. President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 Task Force and all credible local health leaders have been saying this for months.

While Stitt has steadfastly refused to do the right thing, he has said that masks are a good idea and that he supports local communities in exercising their legal right to require masks in public places.

Stitt could help improve his public image on the matter by publicly denouncing Dahm’s proposal. That would help kill the idea in the legislation.

Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat should also make it clear that the bill is going nowhere. This is a proposal that would affect the state’s response to a deadly disease. it deserves public denunciation and a legislative burial.

An anti-science bill that provides local mask mandates would make Oklahoma more dangerous, less healthy, and poorer. It would continue to slow down the state economy and make our state a mockery. It would be a huge leap back to a time we need to move forward.

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