Tulsa winter climate replace February 15th – 6:25 p.m.

T.The city of Tulsa is still on an emergency statement in response to the winter weather – the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency (TAEMA) contingency plan is being followed. The TAEMA Emergency Operations Center is now fully activated.

Street Operations Update

City crews use group plows to clear the snow that used to fall over the area today. The crews will continue to work to clear the snow from the arterial roads throughout the duration of this event.

Plows are the main tool in use today as applying salt would make it easier for plows to push it off the roads. Salt doesn’t activate nearly as well at temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Crews are responding around the clock to prepare for an additional round of winter weather expected Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you have to drive, please watch out for city crews and snow plows.

For anyone driving in these conditions it is important:

  • Slow it down
  • Leave a minimum of 150 feet between your vehicle and a snow plow (this is roughly the distance between the goal line of a soccer field and the 50 yard line).

There have been cases where private companies and their contractors have used snow plows in parking lots and pushed snow onto public roads. This shouldn’t be done as it complicates the city’s work. Property owners should designate a location on their property where the snow can be piled up.

EMSA update

Although the number of falls in the Tulsa area has decreased, EMSA has responded to an increase in calls for cold exposure and carbon monoxide. It’s extremely important to stay inside and not go out when you don’t have to.

Carbon monoxide can be reduced and eliminated in your home if you have safe heating sources. Please do not use stoves or ovens as heating devices, especially devices that use gas. These can create a carbon monoxide hazard in your home. Also, do not use propane heaters that are not intended for indoor use, as these can pose a carbon monoxide risk.

Tulsa Fire Department Updates

The Tulsa Fire Department (TFD) has responded to numerous burst pipe calls across the city. Residents are asked to take a proactive approach now by bringing the main water shut-off valve to their home. In the event of a pipe burst, the water can be turned off quickly to avoid further damage.

TFD also values ​​safety guidelines when it comes to portable heaters, smoke alarms and safety measures in the event of power outages. For more information on best safety practices in the event of a power failure, please visit www.ready.gov/power-outages.

Updates from the Tulsa Police Department

Tulsa police are asking residents to be overly aware of first responders traveling with emergency lights on. Keep plenty of distance, move around and slow down. Drivers are asked not to be too confident in their driving skills as road conditions can change quickly.

Tulsa Parks Updates

All Tulsa Parks community and specialty centers, including the Oxley Nature Center, will close tomorrow. In addition, there are no student support camps in different community centers.

Tulsa Animal Welfare Update

Tulsa Animal Welfare (TAW) will be closed to the public tomorrow due to bad weather. TAW officers only respond to distress calls such as cruelty and bite calls. There are no dates to see animals today or tomorrow, except for residents who need to drop off animals for an emergency. In such an emergency, please call TAW at (918) 596-8001.

Waste & recycling update

The city expects to resume garbage collection on Tuesday.

Residents are asked to be patient during this time as the crews will make every attempt to be overtaken. Citizens who have not yet been serviced are asked to leave their carts on the curb.

Tuesday garbage collections are conducted on a holiday schedule, with customers being collected on Monday on Tuesday, customers on Tuesday on Wednesday, etc.

Customers who have extra trash that doesn’t fit in the trash can can put a reasonable amount of packaged trash outside and next to their gray trash can. Only trash, not recycling, should be placed in your gray garbage truck or on the curb. In addition, the garden waste must be serviced on the curb.

The Tulsa Mulch city construction site is closed until further notice and the disposal of bulky waste has been suspended until Monday, February 22nd.

City clerk updates

The town clerk’s office will have no more personal services tomorrow. Citizens can still contact employees who will be working remotely by phone at (918) 596-7513 or email [email protected] Please be patient, as the services and response times are temporarily limited due to this closure.

Waterline Break Updates

Today the city has continued work on numerous waterline breaks across the city. Given the extremely cold temperatures, this is not unexpected. Eight crews worked on these breaks today, along with another six crews from the city’s emergency service provider. Four crews stay and work overnight to fix any water pipe breaks.

The city has asked the crews to spin and warm up in their vehicles frequently if necessary. Some repairs take longer due to the cold temperatures.

Motorists should be aware of the areas where there are orange cones and other modes of transport as many of these are areas on the road where the waterline has been repaired but the road has not yet been repaired. When the temperatures rise again, the city crews can completely repair the road if asphalt and other materials can be used.

Tulsa city snow and ice reaction

The city of Tulsa is responsible for clearing snow and ice from the Gilcrease Expressway, LL Tisdale Expressway, and all arterial roads (main roads). Other highway sections in Tulsa are the responsibility of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

After a snow or ice storm has started, the goal is to make expressways and arterial roads safe and passable as quickly as possible. These resources are available to help you achieve this goal:

  • 62 truck salt spreader
  • 4 truck liquid applicator systems for brine applications
  • 48 truck snow plows (of the 62 trucks with spreaders and 4 trucks with liquid applicator systems, 48 ​​have plows)
  • 7 4 × 4 pick-ups with snow plows
  • 3 motor graders for use as plows
  • 210 employees (including drivers and support staff)
  • More than 6,500 tons of salt
  • 2 brine mixing systems

The crews are assigned 35 specific routes that comprise a total of 1,770 lane miles. This is roughly the distance from Tulsa to San Francisco. Propagation and plow routes are prioritized based on the traffic figures.

The following link contains the route map the city uses in its winter weather response: www.cityoftulsa.org/winterpreparedness

You can also find a list of frequently asked questions about the city’s snow and ice response online.

Would you like to get emergency weather information and prepare a disaster plan for your family? Download the free Tulsa Ready app, which is compatible with Android and iOS systems. Follow the city of Tulsa on Twitter for updates during the winter weather season: @cityoftulsagov.

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