Tulsa Voter Van presents free rides to polling stations

As the start of early voting in Oklahoma draws near, a Tulsa couple wants to ensure that all Tulsans have an equal chance to vote in the elections.

Tommy Yap and his husband launched the Tulsa Voter Van in early 2020 with the aim of helping voters take part in the elections as they believe Tulsa is a car focused city.

According to Yap, they offered rides to voters during the primaries and mayor races, but they have sought more volunteers to prepare for a higher turnout in the presidential election.

The Tulsa Voter Vans will have multiple vehicles taking people to and from the polling station Thursday through Saturday to vote early and again on election day.

Yap said vans drivers will be instructed not to talk about politics while driving.

“Sometimes when the driver is comfortable answering questions about the ballot or questions about the process, such as ‘I don’t have my voter card, do you know if I can use my ID’, we will answer that type of question answer “said yap.

Voter Van drivers clean their vehicle after every voter has been dropped off to ensure the safety of COVID-19.

Please visit the Tulsa Voter Van website for more information on taking the polls.

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