Tulsa public faculties are recruiting authorities employees on go away

Tulsa schools invite workers on leave to attend classes. The district is asking federal employees who were unpaid because of the government shutdown to apply for substitute teachers.

Tulsa Food Bank is setting up a market for federal employees during the shutdown

“We are excited to offer an opportunity to those who may be affected by the government shutdown,” said Quentin Liggins of Tulsa Public Schools.

Federal employees have been without a paycheck for more than a month.

Section 8 Shutdown Affected Enclosure

“The proposal outlined by President Trump, which we are going to consider here in the Senate, is the only proposal currently before us that can be signed by the President to reopen the administration immediately,” said Senator Mitch McConnell.

“We heard the details that were in it and it was a non-runner,” said representative Nancy Pelosi.

Tulsa Public Schools announced today that they are opening the doors of the district schools to vacation workers.

“As you know, we are facing headwinds when it comes to recruiting teachers here in Oklahoma. This is an opportunity for people who may be in another profession to familiarize themselves with our schools, and hopefully, themselves falling in love with the job, “he told Liggins.

The district says that substitute tuition can be a full- or part-time job and all of the information needed to apply is online.

“Our teachers are a great resource and capital for the district, but sometimes they have to take a day off, and when these people have a day off we want to make sure we have someone ready to go into that Start an internship and achieve a high level of performance. ” Quality experience for our young people and bring in some diversity and perspective, “said Liggins.

For more information: https://www.tulsaschools.org/careers/teach/substitute-teachers

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