Tulsa Police Need More 911 Dispatchers – KRMG 102.3

TULSA, okla. – The city of Tulsa is looking for people to become 911 dispatchers.

According to Tulsa police officers, many of their senior dispatchers are retiring and not as many people are applying as in the past.

They hope to fill 22 positions.

Tulsa Versand said one reason for the high number of vacancies is confusion over the Tulsa city’s hiring freeze.

The hiring freeze does not apply to public safety jobs, so these positions can be filled immediately.

Tulsa Captain Richard Meulenberg said applicants would complete a paid five-week shipping training program.

He said dispatchers are currently working overtime to fill in the gaps, but they need to fill these positions as soon as possible.

Further information on the application can be found here.

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