Tulsa nearly caught up on broken water lines caused by the historic February frost – KRMG 102.3

TULSA – Mayor GT Bynum and Clayton Edwards, director of the Tulsa Water and Sanitation Department, shared good news of the progress made in providing water to all Tulsans.

There are 13 active breaks and six completely stripped down plumbing on Friday afternoon, according to Tulsa’s water and sanitation division. This is less than 23 active breaks on Wednesday and 28 breaks on Tuesday.

The city is recovering from an astonishing 430 water pipe breaks that occurred in the course of the winter storm. On average, Tulsa experiences around 500 water pipe breaks for a year.

The water and sanitation department said water usage is still a third higher than the average daily amount, so Mayor Bynum continues to encourage everyone to save water and keep usage to a minimum.

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