Tulsa musicians carry out to audiences in new cities throughout town

Tulsa rapper Ayilla concluded 2020 with a pandemicadequate tour of some major music markets. With stops at selected venues in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, New York City and L.In Angeles, the Witch Tape Tour introduced this 25-year-old rising star to new audiences.

“It was fantastic,” she says. “It was really cool going to different places because I haven’t traveled a lot outside of Oklahoma and Texas. It was great to interact with my fans and see different atmospheres. It is important to be able to do something like this, especially during this pandemic. I don’t think we should hold onto our dreams. I think we should go after them. “

Ayilla brought her pianist, who was also her soundman, and all of the production equipment, as some of the venues were art galleries which usually don’t perform live. Tulsa musicians JC Seals III and Bam Beezy Bayb Also came to Ayilla as special guests, and a videographer and photographer came to capture the shows, which had limited capacity and followed social distancing guidelines.

“I think content is everything right now,” explains Ayilla. “We live in a digital age, so everyone wants to see what people are doing. We documented everything for content, memories. We wanted my fans to be able to see and be part of it. “

Although it was a challenging time for musicians, Ayilla responded with creativity and wrote new songs in anticipation of a future release.

“I am very passionate about what I do and I really love it and I feel that it is my calling. I just encourage everyone to follow their passion, whatever it is, ”she says. “Do it to the fullest; There are no walls. The only thing stopping us from achieving this goal is ourselves. “

For more information on Ayilla, please visit instagram.com/eye.am.ayilla.

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