Tulsa Metropolis Council votes on extending masks mandate and different COVID-19 restrictions by 90 days to coverage

“We are not out of the woods while the vaccine is deployed,” said Bynum. “We must continue to provide our health professionals with the support they need to slow the spread of the virus and this is a necessary step in order to continue that effort.”

If approved, the extension would not change any other provisions of the regulation.

The original mask mandate set the minimum age at 18 years and relied on business owners reporting violations that could then be prosecuted under the city’s House Peace Ordinance.

The minimum age has now been lowered to 10 and the city council has added more robust enforcement mechanisms.

In late November, city councils approved changes to the ordinance requiring businesses to require customers to comply with the mask mandate and social distancing rules.

The Tulsa Health Department, with assistance from the city’s Working In Neighborhoods Department, is enforcing the ordinance.

Corporations and promoters found violating the regulation can be fined up to $ 1,200 or imprisonment for up to six months in city jail.

City councils also requested that organizers of events with 150 or more people submit a COVID-19 safety plan to the Tulsa Health Department. The minimum number of participants was previously 500.

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