Tulsa meals truck proprietor blown up for varied medicine

On Wednesday, the Tulsa District Office of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics received information from the Tulsa Office of Homeland Security investigators that a package containing half a pound of ecstasy had been seized by United States Customs and Border Protection.

“The package was opened. 500 ecstasy pills are found to be delivered to a Tulsa address, ”said Casey Roebuck of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

Police say the package was directed to a house on 3rd Street in Tulsa.

“We go ahead and allow delivery today and a man named Jeremy Singer accepts delivery of the package,” said Roebuck.

In addition to the ecstasy pills, the 36-year-old Singer admitted to having roughly five pounds of marijuana, marijuana foods, dandruff, mushrooms, marijuana fumes, oxycotene, Viagra, and various paraphernalia.

“He took full responsibility for it. He has a previous belief, so it’s a much more serious charge at this point, ”added Roebuck.

Singer is the owner of a Tulsa food truck called the Chicken Fried Bus. According to his arrest report, he told investigators that he was giving free marijuana joints to the homeless.

“We appreciate anyone who feeds someone who is hungry, but it is not legal to sell drugs and it is certainly not legal to give marijuana to the homeless and it will not help them get back on their feet either “said Roebuck.

Earlier this month, Singer hosted a charity event in the parking lot of a church in downtown Tulsa. On his food truck, pictures were posted on the Facebook page of the group distributing clothes, hats and groceries to those in need.

The news of the 6th went to Singer’s home on Wednesday evening. The food truck was in the driveway. It is unclear whether drugs were discovered in the truck or just in his home.

As we walked to the front door, a woman opened the door and said, “We have no comment.” Another woman came out of the house and crossed the street to meet our reporter and said, “I know he’s a piece of shit, but what are you going to do?” It’s not just about him. “

“He admitted that he went to the Dark Network and paid for these items, usually they pay with Bitcoin, and had managed to get them in the past. The last time he ordered this, he ordered ecstasy off the dark web and got 60 pills that he could sell for $ 10 apiece. So this time he decided to increase his order to 500. “Said Roebuck.

The singer, who is on parole, has been arrested on previous drug charges.

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