Tulsa Meals Truck House owners Flip Down Funding Provides From Movie star Cooks

A local food truck owner is back in his Tulsa kitchen after filming a national TV appearance that aired Tuesday night.

CNBC’s Restaurant Startup show gave popular food truck owners the opportunity to attract celebrity chef investors to open a new restaurant. The show offered the owners a deal, but the Tulsans turned it down.

The owners say they are on the right track and when it came down to it, they did not want to give a large percentage of their business to an investor.

Often times the Lone Wolf Bahn Mi Food Truck can be found parked in Guthrie Green, and often its line is wrapped around the block. A cold winter day didn’t keep Lone Wolf fans away. From the time it opened on Wednesday, there was a solid line outside the truck.

“It’s all about the taste, the flavors, the bread is great,” said customer Josh Brazeal. “Your curry is amazing.”

The unique food gives Vietnamese classics an American twist.

Brazeal’s stomach growled as he watched the owners – Phillip and Danielle Phillips – on the CNBC show.

“It made me hungry; I wanted a train mi or a tai curry, ”he said.

The owners filmed the show in LA and are now back in their Tulsa kitchen, grateful for the experience.

“It was amazing,” said Phillip Phillips. “We’re really glad we finished the process and now we can focus on what is really important to us, which is to open our restaurant here in Tulsa.”

After investors Tim Love and Joe Bastianich tried their food and saw they could run a kitchen, they both made offers to invest in the future Tulsa restaurant.

“Do you think the food is very good, you have a very difficult decision to make.”

But both men wanted 50 percent ownership instead of the 10 the Tulsa couple suggested.

“It wasn’t really what we wanted,” said Danielle Phillips. “We’re going alone and I think it’s going to be great.”

“We were looking for business partners there, we weren’t looking for someone to take control of our business,” said Phillip Phillips.

The couple would only give an indication of where and when the Lone Wolf restaurant will open.

“The only clue is that we are looking for this room right now,” said Phillip Phillips. “We have some rooms in mind in several parts of the city, so let’s narrow it down and find out which is right for us.”

No matter where they call their home base, you can bet their popular Kimchi Fries and Bahn Mis will be part of the menu.

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