Tulsa has a report accumulation of native information within the first snowfall of the approaching winter season

The city of Tulsa also advised motorists to stay away from roads on Sunday evenings and, if they have to drive, to keep a safe distance from snow plows or other equipment.

Meanwhile, Tulsa Police Department broadcast around 2:30 pm on Sunday that they were on “Operation Slick Streets,” which means they will not personally respond to collisions without injuries and instead encourage the parties to submit their own reports create.

Tulsa Police on Sunday released multiple reports of weather-related vehicle problems across the city, including a pickup truck that crashed against a median average in the 41st Street and US 75 area. EMSA reported that it has since responded to more than 30 weather-related fall injuries midnight Sunday and 15 traffic accidents.

The Oklahoma Public Service Company reported nearly 1,500 customers without power on a Sunday due to the weather. Union Public Schools students will start distance learning Monday at 10 a.m. due to snow, while Bixby Public Schools – which will stay in session via distance learning – announced the temporary closure of school locations and said no bus service was available.

The NWS office in Tulsa reported that later in the week it was predicting “calmer conditions” and warmer temperatures that could extend into the 50s before a possible rain system runs through the area Friday night.

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