Tulsa Fireplace Division reminds individuals of turkey fryer security – 102.three KRMG

The idea isn’t as new as it used to be, but there will likely be some people trying to deep-fry a turkey for the first time on this Thanksgiving Day.

And the number one rule by far is to make sure the bird thaws and dries completely before cooking.

If not, the water will turn into steam, which can cause the oil in the fryer to expand and leak, quickly setting fire to nearby flammable items.

This is why it is best to use a deep fryer outside, away from home.

But Andy Little of the Tulsa Fire Department says if you haven’t thawed the turkey yet, it’s too late to deep-fry it for this year’s Thanksgiving Day.

“You shouldn’t buy and roast turkey today or tomorrow. You know, it takes several days to thaw a turkey and a lot of people don’t realize it, ”Little said.

In general, it takes 24 hours for every 10 pounds of turkey to fully thaw.

Experts say it’s also important not to overfill the fryer with oil, keep the oil temperature below 350 degrees, and have a grease fire extinguisher nearby.

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