Tulsa County’s “extremely high risk” zip codes for COVID-19 have doubled from last week on local news

The number of dark red zip codes has doubled from a week in the Tulsa Health Department’s latest COVID-19 risk map, released on Friday.

22 of the 42 postcodes are dark red for “extremely severe risk” and 18 red for severe risk. One zip code is orange and one yellow.

The weekly map was redesigned last week with three darker shades of red to better represent the risk, as some zip codes have more than doubled the red zone threshold.

Of the dark red postcodes, 14 are in the extremely severe risk I category, five in the extremely severe risk II category and three in the extremely severe risk III category.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Bruce Dart, executive director of the Tulsa Department of Health, said 5% of the county’s population tested positive for COVID-19.

Dart said the 6% mark could be exceeded in four days and that if trends continue, up to 10% of the county’s residents could test positive before vaccines are widely available to the public.

“That’s why we talk about the Ws or the three recommendations we have people follow at every press conference to keep everyone safe, like wearing masks, (social) distancing and hand washing,” Dart said. “If these are the only tools we really need to use to reduce the spread and prevent transmission, and if we all agreed to come together and follow these recommendations, we probably wouldn’t be having discussions about whether we could 10%, Reach 12%. or what ever.”

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