Tulsa County enters part 2 of the vaccine distribution plan

Oklahoma has distributed thousands of vaccines in the past few weeks.

The Tulsa Health Department started distributing it two weeks ago and they are now starting phase 2 of the vaccination schedule. But that doesn’t mean that everyone in Phase 2 can get the shot right away. The health department says first responders and some health care workers are falling into phase 2 and will be next in line to get the vaccine.

It’s only been two weeks since health workers distributed the first COVID-19 vaccine in Tulsa County. Since then, thousands of people have rolled up their sleeves.

“So far, Tulsa County received 15,000 doses and received 5,000 expected doses today or tomorrow,” said Ellen Niemitalo of the Tulsa Health Department.

She said the vaccine has so far mainly been given to people in the first phase, which includes frontline workers and long-term care facilities. Now start with phase 2.

“First responders in Tulsa County can access the vaccine this week and go through transit through the health department,” said Niemitalo.

Niemitalo said that other health care workers like those in emergency clinics in phase 2 also have the chance, but she says there is a ranking in phase 2 that is not yet open to everyone.

“We’re working together to get this vaccine into the arms of the people who have the greatest impact,” she said.

On Tuesday, the state health department announced it was opening distribution points called PODS for people in Phase 2 in places like schools and exhibition centers. The state says it will only be a few more weeks before others in Phase 2 like people over 65 will be able to get the shot too.

“The COVID vaccine is a bright spot at the end of a really difficult year,” said Niemitalo.

After first responders and some health care workers, adults 65 and over are the next level of phase 2, then teachers and public health workers.

You can find a full list HERE

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