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The city of Tulsa road crew are preparing for more winter weather this weekend.

The crews who keep our roads clear have been working around the clock in 12-hour shifts since Monday morning.

Tim McCorkell, the city’s road maintenance manager, said his crews are now preparing for snow.

“I see a big plowing before we really tackle it with salt.” McCorkell said about the expected high snow totals.

According to the city, Tulsa has abundant salt and brine material to continue treating the roads.

Although some of the city’s trucks have landed in the store in the past few days, we’ve learned that they have around 55 trucks ready for the next weather event.

McCorkell said it takes a team of nearly 200 people from multiple departments to respond to such a large weather event.

“I appreciate everyone who helps us because we couldn’t just make it with the street department.” He said.

One problem the road crew may encounter during this round of winter weather is the extra cold temperatures. The salt used to treat the roads is not as effective when the temperature drops to a certain level.

“The salt is also not active.” McCorkell added.

The city is currently not planning to address side streets, only the main traffic arteries.

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The city of Tulsa is responsible for clearing snow and ice from the Gilcrease Expressway, LL Tisdale Expressway, and all arterial roads (major roads). Other highway sections in Tulsa are the responsibility of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

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