Tulsa acknowledged as one of many 10 Finest Locations to Dwell and Work for Filmmakers

Tulsa has been named one of the “best places to live and work as a filmmaker”.

MovieMaker magazine named Tulsa on its list of the best places to live and work as a filmmaker. MovieMaker said the list is based on recent productions in the area and how they are dealing with the pandemic.

Abby Kurin, the executive director of the Tulsa office for film, music, arts and culture, said inclusion on this list consolidates the hard work the office has done since opening in 2013 to make Tulsa a movie destination .

Tulsa is listed as number 7 on the MovieMakers list of the small towns to live as a filmmaker.

“Since we opened this film office in 2013, one of the main focuses has been to promote Tulsa as a top film destination,” said Kurin.

Kurin said Tulsa could reach out to filmmakers for the film-friendly locations.

“You can be based in downtown Tulsa and within that 30 mile radius you have access to all kinds of scenery and places to really think of,” Kurin said.

Kurin said Tulsa’s popularity as a movie destination has grown in recent years, doubling the number of productions in just a few years.

“In 2017 we worked with 11 productions, in 2019 there were 32, and in 2020 we even supported 25 productions through a pandemic,” said Kurin.

While the pandemic has been tough on many filmmakers, Kurin said her office started the Tulsa County Film Recovery Program. Funded by the CARES Act, it helps the production teams keep working while also helping the Tulsa economy.

“They live in our hotels, use our vendors, and buy and dine in our restaurants and shops,” said Kurin.

Kurin said through the program that they managed to save 380 contract jobs for film teams on projects in the Tulsa area.

To learn more about Tulsa’s film, music, art and culture office, click here.

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