Trump allegedly yelled at aides in Tulsa for low turnout

Trump was reportedly angry and went on his aides after the low turnout at the Tulsa rally.

Donald Trump held his controversial rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, over the weekend after pushing it back a day to “honor” Juneteenth. It was a very controversial rally. Not just because of the ongoing protests and the historical context behind his decision to host the rally weeks after the 99th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre, but also because of the pandemic he has downplayed since the beginning. Still, he really believed the place would have been full.

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Trump was reportedly “angry” at the low turnout in Tulsa. He said 1 million people were interested in taking part in the 19,000-seat rally. In the end, around 6,000 people were present. NYT reports of four people close to the situation claimed he yelled at each other behind the scenes for the low number of people, despite having already briefed on the low turnout at Air Force One. Apparently he was furious on his way back to the White House even after the incident. After that, a video surfaced of Trump looking tired, his tie undone and a MAGA hat in hand, as if he were walking the path of shame.

It has been reported that TikTokers and K-Pop stans formed an alliance to register to take part in the rally without actually showing up. Trump’s campaign manager then accused “leftist and online trolls” as well as “the fake news media that kept people away from the rally over COVID and protesters” for a week.


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