Top 10 Tulsa Food Trends 2013: Food Trucks, Craft Beer, and More | Eating & Cooking

It’s an old world technique, and many new cookbooks even offer recipes for curing meat and making sausage at home.

Another delicious French food that we found in places like The Alley Gastropub and R Bar is poutine. It’s french fries with brown sauce and curd cheese.

Cue collaboration

In August, Oklahoma barbecue experts teamed up to up the ante for the state grill brand.

Grill chefs, judges, business owners, and competition coordinators joined forces to form the first nationwide organization? the Oklahoma Barbecue Society.

It’s an idea that’s been tossed around for years, but 2013 was the year the chefs came together and brought together a wealth of cooking talent and expertise in Oklahoma.

Celebrity foodies from Oklahoma are thriving

Country singer Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen” started its fourth season on the Food Network. The show will be broadcast on Kabelkanal 58 at 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays. Yearwood, a Grammy winner and best-selling cookbook author, lives near Tulsa.

Local cookbook author and celebrity blogger Ree Drummond released a new cookbook of festive recipes for special occasions. Drummond, known as The Pioneer Woman, also started its sixth season of “The Pioneer Woman”. The cooking show, which features Drummond and living with her family on their Osage County ranch, premiered on the Food Network in 2013.

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