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Hello! My name is Zero Suit Samus (or Samus for short) and I’m an energetic pit bull mix who needs some love. And I really mean that. I need a family to cuddle with me because your punishment for not cuddling me is to hear my people cry. My foster father says I must be descended from pterodactyls because of my crying, but that’s silly because pterodactyls don’t even like peanut butter. And I love peanut butter. And goodies. And strawberries. And watermelon. And really everything. Honest child, if you give me your salad, I’ll eat it. Don’t you want your broccoli? I will take care of your problem. Do you see the toy? It’s in my stomach now. Do you see that puke? Well, you can have your toys back.

Like all Superdogs, I have an origin story: I ran across the freeway causing a 4-car pile that I ended up under. It wasn’t my best bet, but it’s still a better love story than Twilight. I have to take medication every day now, otherwise I will have quite severe seizures. But I like to think of my epilepsy as my unbridled superpower that the world isn’t ready for.

I’m a Tulsa native, but I’m still not a fan of the Bermuda grass here – I get allergies in the summer so you should know. Even so, I still love running and rolling in the grass and if you throw me a ball I can jump and catch it in the air even if it’s 6 feet tall. I’m not exaggerating. (Pterodactyl dogs never exaggerate.) And would you mind spraying me with a hose every now and then? I love playing in the water, especially when it comes out of a tiny tube at jet-like speed.

But if you have another dog at home, forget about it because I’m a dog with a dog. Lonely wolf. A rebel. I won’t share my toys, I won’t share my food, and I won’t share my family. I do well with other dogs in general, but when you introduce toys or food I get very territorial. Can we agree that I’ll be your only one?

I love children by the way. I don’t have these issues with other people so don’t worry about bringing me home to your boys. I am true to the bone. Do not you believe me? Try to go jogging with me. I’ll keep up with you all the time, just running on your hip. Do I have to lick the sweat off your face after a particularly hot run? Baby, that’s what I’m about I am a good dog. That’s what my foster family says too. I’ll take care of you if you let me I am eager to learn, do not catch coronaviruses and am house trained. I won’t poop in your cheerios. Unless that’s one of your orders, but why should it be? Don’t you want your Cheerios? Let me have it instead.

Samus is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and is adoptable through Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts.

To inquire, visit carerescueok.org.

Courtesy / CARE

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