The Tulsa Theater distances itself from the previous with the revealing of the Black Lives Matter Banner | leisure

A name change to Tulsa Theater was announced in late 2018. A press release prior to the banner’s unveiling stated that the removal of the name “Brady” from the theater was a necessary change to be made in order to begin reconciliation with black Tulsans. Brady Street and Brady Arts District names have been changed for the same reasons.

Regarding the banner, Mayo said he was glad the theater could help Black Lives Matter “make a statement.” Mayo said, “The Tulsa Theater supports the application of laws for all individuals, all Americans – the uniform application of laws, not just for some, not different for different people. We want the police and the law to apply uniformly to everyone. “

Ever since the Black Lives Matter movement began, it has wanted to break away from monuments, streets, or statues associated with hate, racism, bigotry, and other negatives related to systemic racism, according to Johnson. He said he was grateful to Mayo and the theater for allowing “this moment”.

“And Black Lives Matter, I just want you to know what it stands for,” said Johnson. “That doesn’t mean black lives are more important than any other life. It just means that black lives also play a role and must fall into the category of all matter of life. “

Johnson said that all lives are important to some people and that all lives are important to him. He said other races of people are important to him.

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