The Tulsa enterprise is boosted by the Hollywood star – KRMG 102.3

It’s not every day that a Tulsa company receives a reputation from one of the world’s greatest celebrities.

But that’s exactly what happened when actress Jennifer Aniston listed Glacier Confection on her Instagram post as a local business to be supported during the pandemic.

Did we mention Aniston has 35 MILLION Instagram followers?

We spoke to the manager of Glacier’s Utica Square, Amanda Maples, who says they are sending Aniston a thank you basket.

“I don’t know what they’re sending. I imagine it will be a mix of truffles and bars. I wish we could send her some ice cream, ”Maples laughed.

Maples says their sales have increased since the post.

She’s not sure how Aniston found out about the business, but she does hear that Aniston has a friend who is a relative of one of the owners.

Glacier also has a downtown Tulsa location.

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