The town of Tulsa remains to be asking to preserve water utilization with rising fundamental water breaks – KRMG 102.3

TULSA, okla. – The city of Tulsa is still trying to increase tank levels as water is being lost in the entire water system after several major water breaks caused by the winter weather in February.

The residents are asked to continue to save water until the water situation has stabilized completely.

Almost 50 crews worked on Sunday to repair broken water pipes and restore service to those affected. The City of Broken Arrows provided Tulsa with up to four additional crews and other equipment to help repair broken water lines.

Sunday was the first day in a week that Tulsa waterline breaks fell below 100.

According to the city, there have been a total of 311 water pipe breaks in cold weather since the start of the event, 213 of which were repaired on Sunday from 12 noon.

In addition, the Tulsa Fire Department has responded to a total of 348 private waterline breaks. These private water pipe breaks are another major reason for the water loss and the reason the city continues to urge people to conserve water to protect tank levels.

To report water line breaks, customers can call Water Dispatch at (918) 596-9488 or Sewer Dispatch at (918) 586-6999. In addition, customers can report water line breaks by emailing [email protected]

save water

The city of Tulsa urges all water customers to continue to conserve water.

Other tips for saving water include:

  • Do not use devices with high water consumption such as dishwashers and washing machines
  • Don’t take baths and long showers
  • Keep your water usage for consumption only, e.g. B. Cooking, drinking water and using the toilet

The map of the waterline interruption can be found at

Water stations & water intake around the clock

Tulsa County residents who live in their home country and whose water has been turned off due to emergency service problems can call 211 and the Be a Neighbor organization will deliver water to their homes.

In addition to the River Spirit Expo and Tulsa fire stations, watercraft will be available to residents around the clock starting this afternoon:

  • LaFortune Park, 5837 S. Yale Ave. (* next to the golf course)
  • McClure Community Center, 7440 E. 7th St. (next to tennis courts)
  • TCC Northeast Campus, 3727 E. Apache St. (Lot 4 – Depart from Harvard)

River Spirit Expo opening hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • To access Mass on Sunday, enter the main south lobby at Gate 2 – parking is available near the Tulsa Golden Driller

As of Monday, the operation of the Tulsa Expo Square water station will be relocated to the Exchange Center

  • To access the Exchange Center, enter Gate 3 and head northeast. Parking spaces are available south of the building. Residents are asked to enter the South Main Lobby
  • The opening times remain the same from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tulsa Fire Station opening hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • If you are at a fire station, please be patient as many firefighters work on a large number of service calls

* Residents must bring their own containers to all locations and masks are required.

Road repairs after water pipe breaks

There are several areas around Tulsa that have had repairs done to the waterline, but the road itself has not yet been repaired – one such case is the 25th and Harvard. The city is asking residents to be patient as the crews are working to finalize the waterline repairs ahead of the road repairs that will take place in the coming weeks.

Drivers are asked to exercise caution in areas where cones and other modes of transport are present and in areas where known water line breaks are being repaired.

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