The town of Tulsa is opening water stations to residents affected by a serious water pump failure

The city of Tulsa is currently setting up a water station for residents who run out of water this afternoon.

People have been driving in and out of the fairgrounds for the past 2 hours just to get fresh water. This shows you how many Tulsans have been hit by the flood of waterline breaks across the city. The water station on the exhibition grounds is open until 7 p.m.

People can park near the Tulsa Golden Driller and then pick up water by entering the main south lobby at Gate 2.

News On 6 has been told that you will need to bring your own container and the city recommends a gallon per day per person. However, there is no set limit.

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City leaders said they couldn’t be sure how many people will come out, but they believe the need is great and say they are ready to fill it.

Rickey Morgan said he lived near Saint Francis and said this was now the third day that he, his wife and two children were without water.

“We all met on the street together and looked at each other and said, ‘Hey, you know, do you have water?’ So it was a nice little bonding experience for a second, “said Morgan.

The Morgans brought five containers and Rickey said he just hope this holds them up for a day.

He is grateful to the city for providing this resource as his four-year-old son has cancer and needs to dissolve his chemotherapy drugs in fresh water.

“If you try to know, make sure everything is fine because you know it’s life-saving medicine and my son needs it,” Morgan said. “So I’m out here doing what I can to make sure I’m doing my best.”

The Tulsa Fire Department also has all fire stations for those who need water by 8 p.m. TFD is simply asking you to be patient with the firefighters as they still have high call volume.

Water stations are reopened daily as long as they are needed.

“You don’t have to feel like you have to refill your bathtub. Water is available in all of these places,” said GT Bynum, Tulsa mayor.

The city called on Tulsans and members of the surrounding communities to limit water consumption to essential consumption.

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