The New Grocery Retailer in North Tulsa Will Assist Shrink the meals wasteland within the space Native Information

In April, voters approved the Vision Tulsa package, which included setting up the Peoria-Mohawk industrial estate funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

Henderson said the park could bring more than 1,000 jobs to north Tulsa. He said the proposed development will turn the script around and bring industries and businesses to the area that could bring residents’ incomes to levels he hadn’t seen in more than a decade.

“It’s going to completely change what people see, their perspective and what North Tulsa is about,” said Henderson.

Grocery stores are a natural continuation of that trend, Henderson said. However, it will take time.

“We’re doing all of this – we’re preparing to change the face of North Tulsa,” he said. “It didn’t get this shape overnight, and you won’t clean it up overnight.”

While experts believe that big box stores are not necessarily the answer for the region, residents still want these stores, if only because everyone else has them.

It was disappointing for residents to only have discount stores in the area, Plohocky said. Many North Tulsa residents can afford to shop at larger stores, and for the most part they already do.

“It’s these little things that are sometimes difficult to articulate, but the underlying stream is there,” she said.

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