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Published on 06/26/2020 | Reading time 3 min 51 sec

TULSA, okla. – Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) breaks ground for Oasis Fresh Market, a long-awaited grocery store for the North Tulsa community. The grocery store will greatly improve residents’ access to higher quality groceries.

Rose Washington, CEO of TEDC, describes what it took to make this vision a reality. “TEDC is not thrilled to move Project Oasis from concept to build,” added: “So many partners have been with us on this quest for several years. I am grateful to have finally awakened from the dream of clearing food deserts in North Tulsa to witness the fruits of everyone’s labor. “

The new Oasis Fresh Market is being built in a location known as the “Food Desert”. It is difficult to find affordable or fresh produce in this area.

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For Tulsa Councilor Vanessa Hall Harper, this is a transformation for her region: “Having a quality grocery store in District 1 has been a four year journey. I am delighted to see construction start. That was long overdue for my ward, ”said Hall Harper.

The Oasis Fresh Market was created with a variety of funding from the City of Tulsa (with U.S. HUD Community Development Block Grant funding), the Tulsa Development Authority, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, and the Zarrow Family Foundation enables.

“Project Oasis is the result of a relentless drive to bring a grocery store to North Tulsa,” said Mayor GT Bynum. “This long-sought grocery store will meet some of the region’s fresh food needs and provide more opportunities for economic development. With its location near the BRT, it gives many residents access to fresh produce and healthy options. “

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The $ 3.9 million building will contain meat, produce and dairy departments, a demonstration kitchen, a multipurpose room and a walk-in beer and wine cooler. The demonstration kitchen helps customers prepare affordable, healthy meals. Once opened, Eco Alliance Group, LLC will operate the 16,425 square foot store.

“The Eco Alliance is honored to play a role in eliminating food deserts while creating jobs for those here in the community,” said AJ Johnson, Eco Alliance Group’s board member and public relations liaison. “Having access to quality food combined with great customer service will have a positive impact on so many people’s lives.”

The grocery store designed by KKT Architects with planning and circuit diagram concepts from EWC1 Architects will be built by Nabholz and is expected to be completed in spring 2021.

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“Nabholz is honored to play a small role in such an important project for the North Tulsa community. Everyone deserves easy access to affordable, fresh food. We are excited to see how the Oasis Fresh Market will affect Tulsans and their families, ”said Michael Feamster, EVP of Operations in Nabholz-Oklahoma.

“KKT is proud to be part of the Oasis Fresh Market and we look forward to the impact and growth it will bring to the Tulsa community,” said Sarah Gould, President and CEO of KKT Architects.


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