The brand new guide by architect Tulsa tells the story of the Gallagher-Iba Enviornment and the Boone Pickens Stadium of OSU OSU Sports activities Additional

“The problem was that there was no enthusiasm for football at the time.” Sparks said. “In 1995 Eddie Sutton had just brought OSU to the Final Four in basketball, but we really had problems in football.

“That’s why Terry Don decided to start Gallagher-Iba. Once we could show people what can be done with the arena, it would be easier to sell them on the idea of ​​a stadium project. “

In honor of their long-standing friendship with OSU basketball coaching legend Henry Iba, Walt and Peggy Helmerich of Tulsa donated the main gift of $ 2 million. The official groundbreaking took place on January 12, 1999.

The renovation was done miraculously without displacing the OSU basketball teams and wrestling team. Arena capacity increased from 6,381 to 13,611.

Some of the nuggets of the book include the following: While there is no absolute certainty about the original cost of construction (either $ 1.5 million or $ 400,000 according to the book), the 1938 OSU arena was known as the 4-H Club and Student Activity Building . It got a cool nickname: “Madison Square Garden of the Plains”.

Sparks’ book also refers to a proven crazy stadium idea from the early 80s. In a desperate attempt to improve Lewis Field in a cost-effective way, the university hired a Kansas company to design an air-filled structure that envelops the stadium and provides shade.

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