The 12 months Coming: Meals and Restaurant Tendencies in Tulsa | Consuming & Cooking

And there were lighter reactions like fusion grill and hot cocoa bombs. However, what struck me the most was the word “community”.

“I’ve seen everyone I know in the industry reach out and help out whoever they possibly can,” said Chef Matthew Owen. “Cooks fed at their own expense people who had lost their jobs, collected materials, and provided those who suffered the ultimate loss with making materials such as hand sanitizer when they were not available.”

There’s no denying that our local chefs and restaurateurs are one big, close-knit family.

After forced shutdowns, many of our local restaurants were selling ingredient supplies, homemade supplies, and confectionery in hopes to offset the pain caused by the shutdown rules change. We hope that the trend will accelerate in 2021 as these items not only increase sales but also represent brand extensions for existing companies.

I’m looking forward to finally getting hold of a bottle of hot sauce in small quantities from Lassalles New Orleans Deli, in addition to CSA boxes from Red Thistle Catering, pasta and pasta sauces from Gambill’s Pastaria and Grocery as well as breads, soups and snacks, dips and signature dishes Pastries – anything that supports my favorite places.

Full service restaurants count down the days until they can open their doors and welcome their customers back. While no one knows what the future holds for the restaurant industry, the road ahead may not be easy. Dealing with the challenges restaurants face from both a business and a customer perspective requires flexibility and flexibility. If there’s one thing the restaurant industry has shown over the past few months, it’s an incredible resilience. There is no doubt that they will continue to examine all of the options to keep delivering great food to the customers they love.

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