Suspect arrested after man shot dead in his car at Tulsa apartment complex – KRMG 102.3

TULSA, okla. – Tulsa police are investigating after a man was gunned down in his own car in an apartment complex.

Officials reportedly arrived at the Rustic Woods Apartments near 81st and Yale shortly after 11 p.m. after responding to a gunshot call. When they got there, officials said they found a man who was bleeding in his car and had a gunshot wound in his upper body. The man’s girlfriend was also there, but unharmed.

When questioned, the woman told the police that she knew the suspect. The woman reportedly received a message from a friend that she had been attacked by 21-year-old Luis Ornelas.

The woman says she had her boyfriend drive her to her friend’s house in the apartment complex, where Ornelas was reportedly waiting from a balcony with a laser-sighted AR-15 rifle pointed at her vehicle.

The woman and her boyfriend tried to escape, but Ornelas reportedly fired four shots at their vehicle, hit the boyfriend and narrowly missed the woman.

Police say the woman told them her boyfriend never met Ornelas and that he was not armed at the time. Ornelas did not flee the scene and allegedly told officers he only fired shots to scare them.

Tulsa Police have arrested Ornelas on charges of first degree murder, shooting with the intent to kill, and domestic assault and battery charges.

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