Russell Westbrook will likely be producing the phobia movie “Terror In Tulsa” on Black Wall Road forward of the 2021 centenary leisure

The Westbrook documentary is reportedly made by award-winning filmmaker Stanley Nelson, best known for “Miles Davis: The Birth of Cool” and “American Experience: The Murder of Emmitt Till,” for which he won an Emmy.

“There is no more poignant or relevant story to the racially charged events that play out before us today, the frustration, outrage, outcry for justice following the murder of George Floyd,” Nelson said in a press release.

“The history of Tulsa (must) be treated with dignity, based on cultural authenticity, and presented with historical accuracy to truly understand the impact it has had on our nation.

“From the 1921 massacre cover-ups to the exposure of the mass graves, the history of Tulsa is a harsh example of not only the history of violence against blacks in America, but also of the great American sin of burying it out of sight and pretending to be like it never happened. “

An overview of the beginning of the Tulsa Race Massacre is that on May 31, 1921, a young black man got on the elevator on the third floor of a building at 319 S. Main Street and shouted the White Elevator Operator upon reaching the first floor.

What happened between the two people remains a mystery.

But by the time the news of the incident spread, the fiery destruction of the Greenwood District and Tulsa’s black community resulted in at least dozens of deaths, hundreds of injuries and thousands of homeless.

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