Replace: Scheduling vaccinations on maintain as Tulsa County reviews “technical problem” with state portal on native information

Pastor’s wife. Mother. Music teacher. For much of her life, Leanna Crutcher was best known for these roles, which she pursued with quiet commitment.

But she also had another side. And when the situation called, it would show.

“Mom was a fighter. She’s the place I got my fight from, ”said Tiffany Crutcher, adding that everything changed for her mother after the loss of her son Terence in 2016.

After witnessing her mother’s unlikely transformation into an activist following her son’s death by police, Tiffany wasn’t surprised to see the same fighting spirit recently re-emerged when she faced COVID-19. But in the end, the virus turned out to be too harsh.

Leanna Crutcher, 67, died on January 14 of complications from COVID-19. She left behind her 51-year-old husband, Rev. Joey Crutcher, a daughter and son, and 10 grandchildren, including three children of her late son, whom she raised.

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