Postgame Brawl Mars Tulsa-Mississippi State Bowl Sport

After the Armed Forces Bowl between Tulsa No. 24 and Mississippi State on Thursday, an ugly post-game brawl broke out in which at least one player was injured.

Tulsa Security Kendarin Ray was helped off the field after he was reportedly hit in the head by a helmet. Golden Hurricane coach Philip Montgomery said Ray was being treated for a concussion.

The video of the brawl shows players from both sides throwing punches and some even delivering kicks. The coaches on both teams were unable to prevent this from happening, and Fort Worth security and law enforcement officers were on hand to calm the situation down.

After Tulsa Safety Tieneal Martin threw a few punches and fell to the ground, Mississippi state recipient Malik Heath can be seen kicking Martin’s face mask.

Montgomery says its players only supported each other.

“The only thing I’m going to say is our program, our boys, we are a team that stands up for each other and we will fight,” said Montgomery. “We’re a team that fought all year round. We fought again today.”

The teams also had to be separated before the game, so tensions were high during the Mississippi state’s 28:26 victory.

Afterward, Bulldogs trainer Mike Leach implied that his team wasn’t the cause of the incidents.

“I’m not sure what exactly caused that,” Leach said of the post-game skirmish. “Before the game there was something too. We haven’t had a problem with it all season so I can only guess without seeing the film.

“But we never had any problems with it before this game.”

When asked how he would approach this team, Leach said, “Don’t do it anymore. It’s just stupid. There were some of those things that went back and forth as the game progressed.”

– Field level media

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