Police, protesters conflict in Tulsa – KRMG 102.3

TULSA – Sunday protests in Tulsa remained largely peaceful and despite an incident in which some protesters blocked an I-244 bridge, the city appeared to have once again managed to avoid the type of violence that has erupted in several Regions of the country.

As the protesters marched down Peoria Avenue in Brookside at around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, they found a heavy police presence waiting for them.

Even when a man shouted at the protesters to obey the officers’ instructions to disperse, someone threw bottles of water at the officers who had been pulled into a cordon south of the junction with East 36th Street.

Police used such things as lightning grenades, as well as pepper balls and tear gas canisters, several times to disperse the crowd that had gathered at the intersection.

But they did not go far, and soon many of them were back on the streets, mocking officers and chanting slogans.

Police withdrew and officers retreated south along Peoria, while a second line that had formed on 36th Street west towards Peoria also retreated after more tear gas was fired – after more bottles of water had been thrown at them.

At this point, the confrontations went on and on as the crowd pushed further south, toward I-44.

Around 10:30 am, our KRMG reporter heard glass breaking and quickly snapped a picture of looters breaking into two stores, including a furniture shipment store and a pawn shop.

Moments later, several unmarked police vehicles drove into the parking lot, more pepper balls were fired and the looters ran away.

More businesses were damaged in the early hours of the morning, but there were no reports of serious injuries.

For a clear explanation of the protesters’ demands, KRMG spoke to Greg Robinson, an organizer of the peaceful protests that took place on Saturday and early Sunday.

Several protesters told the KRMG they would continue to disrupt the city until their demands were met.

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