Police examine after a automobile was shot at in north Tulsa – KRMG 102.3

TULSA, okla. – Tulsa police say three people were in the hospital after their car was shot on Sunday night.

Officers say they were called to a neighborhood near Apache and Harvard after reports of multiple gunfire.

When they arrived, the police said they learned from witnesses that they had just heard about a dozen more shots.

Around the same time, officials said they received another call because shots had been fired just blocks away.

When the officers came to the area, they were contacted by five people who claimed they were in their car when they were shot at by an unnamed driver. Three of the inmates were shot and taken to hospital with non-fatal injuries.

Police say the car they were driving was covered with multiple bullet holes in the rear passenger door as well as the front passenger door. Another bullet hole was found in the rear of the vehicle penetrating the back seat.

Officers searched the area and discovered a firearm in a nearby trash can and marijuana in a storm drain.

The Crime Gun Unit is supporting the investigation. No arrests have been made to date.

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