Pink Raider believers confirmed up early, stayed lengthy, made a noise of victory within the Tulsa-Information-Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

TULSA, okla. – Texas Tech’s Raider Power chant echoed back and forth in the BOK Center just before the start on Friday.

It wasn’t the last time the chant was heard as Red Raider fans filled the Tulsa arena with noise during Tech Basketball’s 72:57 win over Northern Kentucky on Friday to advance in the NCAA tournament.

“Tech fans were great,” said senior guard Matt Mooney after the game. “They helped us a lot. There were times when we couldn’t score. They know it was lower in the game and we got a ricochet or a shot and this place got really loud. It took us further brought forward. “

Attendance at the first meeting on Friday in Tulsa was 12,352. The red and black wearing tech fans noticeably made up the bulk of the attendees as to what to expect and why tech was hoping to be placed in Tulsa.

“Tech has shown up for us all year, they travel for us,” said senior striker Tariq Owens. “Every time we can have her in the building it’s great, it’s an amazing feeling. When I just hear her sing, I really enjoy this fan base.”

Tech fans showed up several times on Friday – first on the hotel walls to cheer on the basketball team on their way to the arena.

The band played, cheerleaders screamed and fans gave the players high fives on the way to the bus on the way to the BOK Center.

The team left at 10:30 a.m. Players and coaches trickled out of a hotel room to walk past happy fans.

“It was amazing,” said Senior Guard Brandone Francis. “We can’t thank the fans enough for being the best fans in the nation, you know. They either flew or drove all the way here, that’s something very impressive.”

Technology students Kyle Pinder, Jake Leslie, Cody Boyes, and Andrew Avrill headed for Tulsa Thursday and were in the lobby with sleepy eyes to dispatch the team.

“I just hope we leave this weekend,” said Avrill.

Comparing this team to last year’s Elite Eight team, Boyes said the defense looks a bit stronger and that there isn’t an obvious weekly spot on this roster.

After the number 3 Red Raiders defeated number 14 Northern Kentucky on Friday, Tech will play Buffalo on Sunday for a chance at the Sweet 16.

David and Wanda Kimbrough, who graduated from tech in 1976, drove from near Corsicana to cheer on tech.

“Put your money on tech,” said David. “I couldn’t sleep last night.”

Wanda said she and David didn’t miss out on watching a game on TV all season. She spoke to AJ Media before the players left and said she was hoping to get a picture of Davide Moretti, the second point guard.

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