Particular Report Day 5: Tulsa County Considered As A Mannequin For Options As Critique Of The Oklahoma Bail System Connection To Crime Information

“For the most part, we persecute the poorest and most desperate among us. … The problem is, you need a car to go to work or get social services. To lose the ability to drive and then the lack to criminalize This is where the vicious circle comes into play. “

Proponents of criminal justice reform argue that the increased use of fines and fees has resulted in a two tier judicial system – one where those who can afford to pay freely while those who cannot afford to pay Debt, often stuck in a cycle of increasing debt, struggles to pay off tens of thousands of dollars in legal debt.

In May, the Tulsa World investigated How this system has grown in Oklahoma because it relies more on fines and fees to pay various government agencies.

Tulsa World has been investigating this issue since August. Below is our multi-part series in which we look at the people affected by this system and the toll they have to pay in trying to get their lives back on track.

See the full series below.

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