Outdoors linebacker Trevis Gipson, Tulsa, spherical 5 decide 155

“In terms of my strengths and weaknesses, I feel like a good pass rusher. I feel like I can stop the run too. And I think I’m playing with a relentless engine and that will help a bit overall.” me.”

Gipson sees himself as a versatile 3-4 linebacker who is able to hold his own against run and pass but has not yet reached his full potential.

“I feel like a good edge defender,” said Gipson. “I have the feeling that I can get up with two points or stick my hand in the dirt. I feel like I’m playing with relentless effort. As a relentless edge defender, you have to stop the run first.” play the pass next. And I have the feeling that I can do both. “

Gipson made great strides from junior to senior season. He owes his improvement to attending a Pass Rush summit hosted by Broncos Star outside of linebacker Von Miller in Las Vegas last summer. Gipson was in attendance among about 40 college and NFL pass rushers.

“I learned a lot there and basically took my pass to another level, my run defense to another level,” said Gipson. “I’ve learned how to better break down films. I think that overall showed an advantage of my game.

“I learned how to watch movies, how to take better care of my body, different pass rush techniques – I had to go from speed to strength. I had to go from strength to speed – just a few different things. It was actually a lot, just a lot of tips that I think helped me. “

Gipson is eager to continue learning as a pro from his new Bears teammate, the perennial Pro Bowl outside of linebacker Khalil Mack.

“I expect a lot to learn,” said Gipson. “He’s one of my favorite players. I feel like he’s one of the guys I’m trying to model my game after. So I’ll come in and do some hard work and hopefully we can play together.”

“I feel like a very good pass-rusher. He has quick instincts, a great pass-rush plan.”

Like Mack, Gipson has shown a knack for force fumbling. During his career at Tulsa, he made eight mistakes and finished second in the nation with five in 2018.

“It’s just something I could work on,” said Gipson. “I work on targeting football, following football, being relentless, putting in a tremendous effort, and I think it pays off just because when the guys get tired they might loosen the ball a little carry.”

Gipson spoke to the bears a few times through FaceTime during the pre-design process, so he knew there was some interest. But when they traded a draft pick to select it, it showed Gipson just how much the bears wanted him.

“I think that means they really appreciate me,” he said. “Regardless of where you picked me up on the draft, I’m grateful. I know I’ll work hard for you. You obviously trust me, so I’ll do what it takes.”

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