Opinions: Politics and Pandemic Dominated the Tulsa World’s Opinion Division 2020 | Columnists

“… (I) If you are negatively addressed by (Black Lives Matter) as a white person, imagine centuries when you were actually selected for your race: another water well, another school, another justice system “Wrote Gabrielle Inhofe in her August 9 letter:” End the racist slogan “All Lives Matter”. It was the fourth most popular item on the website.

The most popular column of the year and the second most important item on the online opinion page of the year was “I’m a Tulsa ambulance and conservative and the Trump rally is a terrible idea” by Tulsa doctor Samantha Whiteside.

“This is not about President Trump,” Whiteside wrote in the July 19 column. “I don’t care if the rally is for a Republican, Democrat, or Queen Elizabeth herself. That’s a terrible idea. “

Our August 17th editorial “Gov. Kevin Stitt rejects the second round of stimulus programs ahead of schedule, “said Stitt’s comment that the state does not need another round of COVID-19 aid, which” baffles “the apparent need for education funding, connectivity and health care.

“Stitt is right to be concerned about how the money is being used, but to say that we no longer need it is neither right nor wise,” concluded the widely read editorial.

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