OKC Home Dem requires senior executives to be eliminated, sorry from Tulsa Republicans

A freshman to the Oklahoma House of Representatives requests removal of a colleague from a leadership position and a public apology for a social media post.

Rep. Mauree Turner (D-Oklahoma City) said in an Instagram video on Friday that they made the inquiries after Rep. Sheila Dills (R-Tulsa) posted a sneak photo of Turner during the pledge of loyalty in the house chamber. Dills wrote of Turner standing up but not covering his heart for personal reasons during the pledge: “I just have no tolerance for people who refuse to greet our American flag. An elected official on the floor too watch It is painful for me to spit in the faces of the men and women who fought and died for our freedoms. “

“At least if you – in a very honest way, if you are brave enough to publicly shame me, you should be brave enough to apologize publicly to me,” said Turner.

Turner said they also asked Dills to lose her position as Majority Caucus Chair in the house.

“If you cannot think critically about how your own actions affect the people you work with and the people you represent, then I really worry about your ability to think critically about who we are Create fair legislation, “Turner said, adding they also called for lawmakers to undergo micro-aggression training, as they say lawmakers do.

Turner said Dills should have brought their concerns to their attention to have a conversation before writing about her online.

“It won’t be the last time it happens in Oklahoma law, but the hope is that we will continue to create those open and honest lines of communication that you use me when you have a problem with me,” he said Turner said. “You don’t take it on Twitter, you don’t take it on Facebook, you take it on me.”

When Turner won his seat in November, he became Oklahoma’s first Muslim legislature and the first openly non-binary lawmaker in the United States

Neither Dills nor Turner immediately returned requests for comment on Monday.

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