Officials speak out against a bill to remove some authority from the health departments in OKC, Tulsa

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North Korea warns the US against “causing a stink”.

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the North Korean leader, delivered a blunt message to the US government on Tuesday. A news anchor in the state media relayed Kim’s words, warning that the Biden White House was quoted as “trying to give off the smell of gunpowder in our country.” “And if the US wants peace, it ‘better not make a stink.” She also criticized the ongoing joint military exercises in South Korea that began last week. The timing of the comments coincides with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the journey of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin went to Asia this week, her first stop was Japan, where Blinken said he wanted to work with allies on the denuclearization of North Korea. North Korea has so far rejected US attempts to enter into dialogue, the White House said on Monday As a cooling off in relations that began under former President Trump extends into the current administration. Trump held three high-profile meetings with Kim Jong Un, but North Korea ended the talks, saying it would no longer get involved, it was because the US is dropping its hostile policy.

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