Officer Zarkeshan “continues to enhance,” Tulsa police say within the native information replace on the capturing

Tulsa police officer Aurash Zarkesha

From employee reports

Tulsa police on Tuesday shared an update on Officer Aurash Zarkeshan:

“Aurash continues to improve every day. This morning the doctors were able to remove the breathing tube and Aurash is communicating with family and loved ones.

“Rehabilitation is going great as his physical strength improves to the point he can take it. He is way ahead of where doctors expected him to get the injuries he sustained. “

Zarkeshan remains in the hospital after he and Sgt. Craig Johnson were shot dead during a traffic obstruction on June 29th.

Johnson, a 15 year old Tulsa Police Department veteran, died the next day from his gunshot wounds.

The Tulsa Police, the Tulsa Police Department Foundation, and others are holding a fundraiser for Johnson and Zarkeshan’s families in LaFortune Park Wednesday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Donations can also be made in any of the three standardized departments of the department.

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