Newest college reviews present Tulsa Public Colleges breaking headlines with rising variety of failed grades

In addition, Gist said that analysis of her district shows that failing grades correlate with poverty.

“I am becoming increasingly disappointed in our state and our country as a whole,” she said. “We recognize that when our children’s families live in poverty and schools experience poverty, these schools need additional resources to help these students achieve this. But we don’t give it to them and then give them a grade that only reflects the lack of resources we are providing. “

Although traditional suburban school districts failed to achieve an overall grade of F in 2018-19, many saw similar declines.

Owasso public schools had six B and six C in 2018-19, compared to 10 B and two C in the previous year. The Union Public Schools had seven D grades last year, three more than in 2017-18. Only one Broken Arrow school received a D two years ago, four in 2018-19.

Academic performance declined across the state in all grades tested, but was most pronounced in high schools. State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said the decline is worrying and needs attention.

“If we don’t make significant changes in our teaching practices, we won’t see any significant changes in our academic performance,” Hofmeister said in a statement. “If districts haven’t done anything else than usual, they’ve likely seen a drop in their overall letter grade.”

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