Metropolis of Tulsa to use for out of doors company to doubtlessly run a shelter coverage

The competition process will “help the city to implement its goals, to maintain safe and hygienic conditions in the shelter, to create and follow uniform protocols, and to enforce and facilitate neutering and neutering,” the press release said.

It remains unclear how many animal welfare workers might be affected if an external body were selected to run the animal shelter.

Tulsa Animal Welfare has 38 full-time positions and two part-time positions, all but two of which are filled. Of these 40 positions, 12 are field workers.

City officials said Wednesday that the actual number of employees affected is closer to 20 as the positions between management and enforcement overlap.

The city has no potential partner in mind. Should an outside agency be selected to operate the shelter, the city would require the partner agency to conduct an interview and “provide all current shelter employees with adequate consideration for available positions,” the press release said.

Shelter manager Jean Letcher said Wednesday that she could not comment on the proposal.

Animal welfare officials have complained for years that the shelter is in disrepair and poorly managed and that the city is not doing enough to reduce euthanasia, to name a few of the problems that have plagued it.

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