Mayor GT Bynum will address the falling Tulsa mask mandate on April 9 – KRMG 102.3

TULSA, okla. – Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum spoke to the KRMG morning news on Monday as Phase 4 of the vaccine rollout began in Oklahoma.

Mayor Bynum, who announced the launch of the vaccine in Oklahoma to KRMG, was something he is extremely proud of.

“The systems that the State Department of Health and Tulsa Health Department and our tribal governments have put in place are a finely tuned machine at this point,” Bynum said.

Bynum says vaccine rollouts are among the best in the country.

“Every week, Oklahoma ranks 6th to 8th across the country for vaccine use per 100,000 people,” Bynum said.

More good news; The number of new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in Tulsa County continue to improve. Mayor Bynum was asked again when the city council would consider dropping the city’s mask mandate.

Tulsa has had a mask mandate since July 2020.

Mayor Bynum said he had spoken to members of the city council along with Dr. Bruce Dart of the Tulsa Health Department spoke and announced that the mask mandate would be dropped on April 9th.

“We decided to get in touch on April 9th ​​because all of our hospitals asked us to wait two weeks after the spring break. And then evaluate the data … up to hospital stays and COVID values ​​afterwards. ”

Bynum says his team will get the latest COVID numbers the day before the 9th, and those numbers will determine whether the mask mandate will end. However, he stated that he leaned to one side to end the mask prescription.

“I’ll tell you if [new COVID data] I continue to look like they did for the past few weeks. I am fully in favor of ending it as soon as possible, ”said Bynum. “I always said we bet [the mask mandate] in place to protect our hospitals’ ability to save lives in our community. It’s not about bringing us to zero [cases] as the governor said. That is not the purpose of the mask mandate. “

Mayor Bynum said he wanted to avoid a surge in new COVID cases and hospital stays that Tulsa County saw after Christmas.

You can listen to the full interview with Mayor Bynum and the KRMG Morning News here.

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