Mayor, councilor to reevaluate Tulsa’s mask ordinance after spring break – KRMG 102.3

According to the mayor, spring break could be one of the last hurdles to overcome before Tulsa’s mask ordinance is removed.

Mayor GT Bynum told KRMG on Monday that he and Tulsa City Council will reassess the need for the Mask Ordinance once there is a potential spring break spike in COVID-19 cases – or not.

The mayor said he was receiving advice from Tulsa hospitals and the health department on the matter.

“Your question for us was, let’s get through the spring break and see how this affects these COVID levels and our hospital stay rates just to make sure it doesn’t cause rebound.” Said Bynum.

Currently, Tulsa’s Mask Ordinance expires on April 30th.

Hear the mayor’s statement on the KRMG Morning News here

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